World’s First Graphene UAV “Prospero” – Videos

Here’s a collection of videos which showcase Prospero the University of Central Lancashire’s graphene UAV demonstrator.  Some are from the flight tests and some 2016 when Prospero flew at Farnborough International Airshow.

Prospero – UCLan’s Graphene UAV Demonstrator

The University of Central Lancashire working with the University of Manchester and several SMEs (small- to medium-enterprises) to produce a couple of drones to demonstrate the aerospace applications of graphene.

Prospero has two versions, each with a different wing.

  • Graphene-Coated Wing – this version was the first aircraft with graphene incorporated into it. One side wing was coated with a grathene solution. There is also a 3D printed antenna with graphene in the plastic.
  • Graphene-Skinned Wing – this is the second version and the one which flew at Farnborough International Airshow. Instead of just a wing coating of grathene, this verison’s wing was skinned with a graphene composite material.

Graphene-Coated Wing

Graphene-Skinned Wing

Official Farnborough Airshow Video

I was part of the ground crew for the flights at Farnborough. Which mainly meant running out carrying the heavy steel launch cataput.

I also wrote some of the safety documentation which was need to prove that flying the experimental grathene UAV was safe.

You can read more about the flight here.