New Drone Regulations – EASA Livestream

Yesterday, the European Aviation Safety Agency, aka EASA, held a live streamed event to discuss their proposal for new drone regulations for the European Union.

Proposed New Drone Regulations for the EU

If you have read my other post on the last Civic Drone Center networking evening, then you will know all about the consultation on the proposed rules. EASA spent the day explaining the new rules and answering some questions.

The event was held at EASA Headquarters is Cologne, Germany. Although I would have loved to be there in person, I could not make it. Luckily, they live streamed the day.

You can find the proposed new drone regulations here.

The Consultation Process

You can help shape the future of drone regulations in the EU. As part fo the rulemaking process they are seeking comments. This is your chance to have your say.

So if you are in the drone industry. Doesn’t matter if you are a pilot, trainer, manufacturer, retailer… and so on. You should have a look at the regulations and give your comments and views. Even if you are outside the EU you should comment if you plan to use drones there.

The draft regulations are not an easy read. Over 250 pages split into two parts. Part A the draft rules and a note explaining them. Part B contains the detailed reasoning as to how they came up with the proposed rules.

Fortunately, the event broke down the regulations by topics into digestible chunks.

The original deadline for the consultation was the 12th August 2017. However, this has now been extended to 15th September 2017. So we are already seeing some slippage in the timescale presented in the proposal.

EASA Milestones
Milestones of the EASA rulemaking process.

Summary of the Event & Livestream Videos

This is the first live streamed event I have seen from EASA. In my opinion, it was very well put together. I hope they do more in the future. EASA’s Flight Standards Director, Jesper Rasmussen, said they plan to do more in the future.

They also used Slido. It’s an app/website you can use to ask questions in real time.  So I was able to ask a few questions, despite not being there.

If you have about a day you can watch all of it. However, I recommend you don’t do it all in one go. I would watch part of it, read the draft documents and make notes comments, before moving onto the next presentation.

I have put links to the videos of the live stream below. The live stream is split into four parts, that coincide with the breaks they had on the day. In addition to this, I put the approximate time each presentation starts with the title and presenter for reference. This way you can find the parts you are interested skip right to that presentation. It will also make it easier for you to come back in case you want to view a particular presentation later.

In addition to the proposed rules, they also talk about U-Space (in Part 1), the rulemaking process and what EASA has planned next. The last two in the Next Steps presentation of Part 4.

Part 1

00:01:25 – Start/Welcome – Trevor Woods, Certification Director, EASA

00:08:48 – Background of the NPA: presentation EC – Koen De Vos, Senior Drone Expert, European Commission DG Move;

00:20:38 – Alessandro Cannizzaro, Impact Assessment Officer, EASA

00:27:39 – Link with the U-Space: presentation SJU – Mara Dame, Regulatory Affairs Expert, SESAR

00:57:00 – Structure of the regulation; Boundaries of the open, specific, and certified category; ApplicabilityYves Morier, Principal Advisor to the Flight Standards Director, EASA

Part 2

00:01:46 – UAS regulation from operators perspective; How model aircraft and homebuilt UAS can operateNatale Di Rubbo, Initial Airworthiness Regulation Officer, EASA

00:33:37 – UAS regulation from manufacturers (CE mark). Importance of standards – Jean-Pierre Lentz, Policy officer – European Commission DG Growth

Part 3

00:06:10 – Environment, privacy, data protection and security – Stefan Ronig, RPAS, VLA, Sailplanes, LSA, Balloons & Airships Section Manager, EASA

00:26:50 – Overview, Risk assessment, Standard scenarios – Antonio Marchetto, RPAS Technologies Expert, EASA

00:54:43 – Light Unmanned Certificate (LUC) – Irina Petrova, Air Operations Regulations Officer, EASA

Part 4

00:03:25 – UAS regulation from Member States perspective and mutual recognition – Daniel Cobo-Vuilleumier, RPAS Technologies Expert, EASA

00:33:50 – Next steps – Natale Di Rubbo, Initial Airworthiness Regulation Officer, EASA

01:02:40 – Wrap-up and final remarks – Jesper Rasmussen, Flight Standards Director, EASA


You can download a zip file of all the presentations from the day here.

Questions Asked on the New Drone Regulations

You can view all questions asked before, via Slido, and the aswers to them, the event here.

However, if you want to see the questions from the day you will have to wait. They said they will make them available with responses. I assume this will take some time. But, I will keep and eye out for them and update this post when they are.