Drone Journalism Survey – Civic Drone Centre

The Civic Drone Centre has launched a drone journalism survey. We want to know whether or not you have used drones for newsgathering out journalism.

The Drone Journalism Survey

You can take the survey here. The online questionnaire can be found here. The questionnaire is open until 10th September 2017.

We are trying to find out:

  • How widespread drones journalism is,
  • What people think about drone journalism, and;
  • Good examples of drone journalism.

The survey is open to all. You do not need to be a commercial drone pilot or professional journalist to take part.

We are also interested in the opinions of people who fly for a hobby. As well as, journalists and professional pilots. Or even just have an opinion about drone journalism.

So, if have ten minutes to spare and want to contribute, then please fill out the survey.