DJI in-Flight Power Failure – It is the Firmware

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued another Safety Notice today regarding the DJI in-flight power failure issues. Updates from the ongoing investigation by DJI have confirmed there is an issue with the firmware in the TB50 and TB55 batteries. The batteries used Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 series of drones.

Today, the CAA issued Safety Notice SN-2018-010: Small Unmanned Aircraft – DJI Battery TB50 and TB55 In-Flight Power Failures.

This Safety Notice replaces the previous Safety Notice from 31 October 2018

DJI is still investigating the in-flight power failures which are causing drones to crash. However, they have now stated that the issue is related to battery firmware.

Investigation by the manufacturer has stated that this issue is related to the battery firmware in the TB50/55 series of batteries. Although the issue is still under review, the CAA has received a technical update from the manufacturer which has enabled a review of the previously imposed

SN–2018/10, CAA

Firmware issues were suspected when the first Safety Notice was issued (26 October 2018).

Updated Actions to Take

The new information from DJI has allowed the CAA to update the actions you should take if you want to fly your DJI Inspire 2 or Matrice.

The CAA will hold regular reviews on these restrictions and update them when they have more information.

The full details of the actions can be found in the Safety Notice. But here’s a summary:

  • Don’t fly over people. Even if they are under the control of the drone pilot.
  • Don’t fly within 50 m of people.
  • Don’t fly within 50 m of vessels, vehicles & structure not under control of the drone pilot.
  • Don’t fly over or within 150 m of an open-air assembly of more than 1,000 people.
  • Refer to guidance and instructions provided by DJI.
  • Land immediately if battery voltage drops below 3.7 V.
  • Not rely solely on the state of charge.

As with the previous two Safety Notices, if you are an Emergency Service then you need to consider this information into your decision-making process.

The DJI Instructions

DJI have issued some instructions on how to use the TB50 and TB55 batteries. You can read their news post on the instructions here.

DJI in-flight power failure battery instructions.
The instructions from DJI to stop in-fligth power failures.

Occurrence Reporting

The Notice also reminds pilots to report any further occurnaces. As well as, any other related issues. You should report these to bothe the CAA and DJI.

The CAA also refers to a blog post on how to use the Mandatory Occurrence Reporting system.

Questions about the DJI in-Flight Power Failure issue?

As with the other Safety Notices, if you have questions you can contact the CAA via the following email, with the subject line ‘Safety Notice -DJI Battery TB50 and TB55In-Flight Power Failures’.

If you have technical questions about the in-flight power failures then you should direct them to DJI.