BSI Looking at Drone Pilot Standards

The BSI is thinking about developing drone pilot standards. And they are asking for input. The consultation period is open until 10th August 2017.

Qualification and approval of UAS operatives

BSI is looking at the feasibility of developing qualification standards for drone pilots. Or as they put it ‘qualification and approval of UAS operatives’.

There may purpose in have in the long-winded title. Firstly, standards need to be precise in their language. Secondly, the standards might involve not just the pilot. They might include ‘ancillary roles’ – observers, payload operators, and the like. But they say this is down the road.

However, I think that the standard should look at the ancillary roles right off the bat. This is where is a bit of a gap and a standard could a real value.

Also, it is not clear from what is said on their website how they will fit in with the existing regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority. Or if they are planning to take into account any upcoming changes, like those proposed in the EU.

The BSI define the scope and purpose of the proposed standard as:


The development of a national standard which focuses on the training of operatives employed in civilian industries which utilise Unmanned Aircraft Systems (typically UAS pilots) with the objective of codifying levels of training and credentials for workers and service providers offering such training.


The benefit that this delivers is that it will allow pilots to have their skills more widely recognised and employers will be able to assess a pilots competency more effectively.

There could be further opportunities to establish standards for ancillary roles and this will be assessed once the initial national standard has been developed.”

Have your Say on the Drone Pilot Standards

This is another chance to have your say on the future of the drone industry.

Unlike the proposed European Aviation Safety Agency drone rules, the BSI doesn’t much hundreds of pages for you to read. There is a just an online form with some straight forward questions.

You have to submit your comments by the 10th August 2017.