Books, books and more Aviation Books

Over the past month or so I have picked up a few aviation books. Hopefully, I will get around to reading all of them. And I might even do some book reviews for this blog too.

Spitfire Manual 1940

Edited by Dilip Sarkar

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This book is a collection of Spitfire manuals and leaflets produced during the Second World War. Should be an interesting look into the past.

Spitfire Manual 1940

Comet!: The World’s First Jet Airliner

Graham M. Simons

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I have always thought the Comet was a nice looking aircraft. And with studying at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield (where the De Haviland company was based) it will be nice to get to know a bit more in-depth about the world’s first jet airliner.

Comet Wold's First Jet Airliner

Aviation Disasters: The World’s Major Civil Airliner Crashes Since 1950

David Gero

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This one might be a little more on the grim side. However, there are lessons to be learned from aviation accidents.

Aviation Disasters

Haynes Aviation Books

The latest five books I have picked up are all by the publisher Haynes. Haynes is best known for their car Owner’s Workshop Manuals. However, these are more history book then step-by-step guide.

RAF 100 1918-2018

Jonathan Falconer

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Its the Royal Air Forces 100th birthday this year and there are many books out on the subject this year. This one is on the many technical innovations the RAF has used over the past century.

RAF 100

AĆ©rospariale/BAC Concorde 1969 Onwards (All Models)

David Leney, David Macdonald

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AĆ©rospariale BAC Concorde

Avro Vulcan 1952 Onwards (B2 Model)

Alfred Price, Tony Blackman, Andrew J.K. Edmondson

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Avro Vulcan

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka All Marks and Variants (1935-45)

Jonathan Falconer

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Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

De Havilland Mosquito 1940 Onwards (All Marks)

Jonathan Falconer, Brian Rivas

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And last but not least, another De Havilland aircraft the Mosquito.

De Havilland Mosquito